6 comments on “Duty Of Care – Part 5 (M/F, M/M)

    • After the 30 strokes, 10 each from the Superintendent, PC Tim, and his Uncle Charles, I doubt Ben will break the law again, or will he? Great story, although I’m still mystified why the Superintendent ordered him to leave his right sock on. Taking Ben’s underpants as a souvenir is a nice touch. I recently had a naughty boy who did the same thing!!


      • Hello Jonathan

        Thanks for the comment and your continuing support. It means a lot to me.

        Yes, what is that sock business all about? Maybe she did it just because she had the power to. Or maybe it was some masonic type thing? I guess we’ll never know, unless Part 6 does materialise…

        Rod of The Canery


  1. Well yes, the mystery of the right sock still remains a cliffhanger, but it can only be hoped you solve the mystery in part 6, which you are now under pressure to write. You can’t leave your readers in suspense, or in some cases, suspenders!! Great story.


  2. I think 30 strokes of the cane that’s a bit too mach to tolerate without to make a loud high cry in pain.


    • Hello freecroma!

      Thank you for the comment. During the course of the 5 parts of this story, he has endured 3 lots of 30 strokes so may be getting used to it! In the current part, 20 of the strokes were with the junior cane. I wonder what other readers think?



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