4 comments on “Duty Of Care – Part 6 (F/M, M/M)

  1. Somewhat to my surprise “Duty Of Care” is back from the dead! I hope you enjoyed this episode.

    I had been giving the caning stories a rest for a few days but they seem to be popping back into my head with a vengeance, so expect more posts soon.


  2. The plot thickens… whilst Ben is receiving a good thrashing from the Superintendent, and the promise of a good romp in bed with her after his punishment, Stepdad Charles is submitting his arse to his pal and bum chum PC Tim.
    And still the mystery of why Ben’s left sock must remain on. This story has more cliffhangers than Beachy Head!!
    Keep up the good work.


  3. Thanks for the comments Jonathan. Right sock last time. Left sock this time. What does it all mean?

    I love that “Bum Chum” strap. Anyone know of a UK supplier who sells straps with similar messages?

    Many thanks to Barry Spockings for allowing me to use the “Bum Chum” photo and for the inspiration.


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