16 comments on “Love Our Lurkers Day

  1. I am one of many not sending much to blogs but am not at all skilled with insertions and struggle with this interactive mode. I would however record, if this comment gets through, that I appreciate the style and content of Rod’s blog. it is immensely readable and i find myself following the scenarios here that i would never go near elsewhere. Like some of the ones also that are ambiguous so if you prefer m/m you can read it that way but if say you like f/f or m/f these stories can fire you up just as well


    • Hello sukemnsee! Thanks for the kind comments about the blog. All feedback is gratefully received. It’s particularly heartening to hear you like the ambiguous stories as I find them great fun to write and post. I see one of them (“Closing Down Sale” I think) has been picked up by one of the other caning blogs, which is quite a thrill and compliment for me. Also, glad to hear the blog is taking you places you never visit elsewhere. A long time ago I was strictly a F/M man but my tastes have broadened over the years…Keep in touch, Rod


  2. hi,just to say i`m a lurker ha ha. but from an early age at primary school i adored my grey haired,well groomed elderly headmaster mr corrigan,and believe me that man could have done anything to me he wanted as i was so in awe of him, i never did get to be called to his office for a telling off etc.. but when puberty came along and i discovered the joys of masturbation mr corrigan was always on my mind! i hate to see young headteachers as their called now! headmasters in my eyes should be mature,well groomed and authoritive, now aged 49 i still often think of my adorable headmaster, i wonder if any of my fellow pupils had the same crush as me? like the stories by the way….


    • Steve

      Thanks for de-lurking! I expect a lot of the readers here have had crushes on headmasters. Mr Corrigan sounds like a prime specimen. Glad you like the stories and thank you for visiting The Canery, Rod.


  3. What an excellent idea LOL Day is. A chance for people to come out of the closet and indulge their passion for all things spanking, and to discover just how many great blogs are out there for their enjoyment.


  4. Hi Rod,

    I know I’m a little late for LOL Day, but I’ve been very busy. Thanks for joining in the fun and congratulations on collecting such a lovely group of lurkers!



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