12 comments on “How I Became A Spanked Husband (F/M)

  1. Dear readers, please welcome new guest author Fred Spankmanbare to The Canery blog. Fred has posted elsewhere about his spanking history, so he may not be completely new to some of you. I hope Fred will post here regularly. I feel sure his tips on married life will prove useful and entertaining.


  2. Fred is a valuable new addition to your spanking blog. The story is excellent, and very well written. He will be the envy of lots of guys who would love to be in a domestic spanking relationship. I hope his first story is just the first of many.


  3. Welcome Fred and thank you very much for your excellent story! The cane is one of my wife’s (we are strictly F/M!) favourites too, although she also loves to use a leather riding crop (about 30 in., very flexible with a little leather paddle in the shape of a hand at its tip). She uses it standing directly behind me in a forehand-backhand motion slapping the tender flanks of my bottom. She loves the bathbrush too and we also own two genuine hippo-hide sjamboks which are very whippy and leave nice welts.



  4. A beautifully-told story of Female Dominance; I’m sure that if there was more of it, the world would be a much better and well-run place.

    Thank you very much for this post, Fred – I look forward to reading your new ones when they are posted.

    My very best wishes to your good Lady and you yourself.


  5. Fred

    Thanks for sharing. The notion of using a travel cane to be dealt with whilst away yet not creating the same noise as if the hairbrush is in use is both considerate and delicious. Look forward to later episodes to follow.


    • I have to agree with sukemnsee that the idea of a travel cane is interesting. I suppose something around 2 feet long, for up close and personal work! Although I have packed full length canes in the past…


  6. Thanks, everyone, for your kind remarks! I completely agree with Saucywriter – the world would be a much better place if every wife or live-in girlfriend would keep a cane in the bedroom and use it, as hard and as frequently as she thinks necessary. For Sukemnsee and Rod, Pat’s travelling cane is just 18 inches long (45 cm), made of thin straight rattan. Devilishly effective and, as I said, almost silent in use. It can’t be heard outside the bedroom, yet Pat can raise very good marks on my bottom with it.


  7. Our marriage is great and long lasting–Once or twice in a yr I get my bare butt paddled by my wife—Its totally agreed I know i got it coming–I shower out of the shower i just bend over and hold my shins while she vents her anger and frustration –It did start from my very bad behavior in the first yr of our marriage—finally my wife told me she was going to have my dad come over and give em a damn good whipping–(which i totally deserved) He would have done it–I did not want my wife to see so i just asked if she would not call my dad—would she give it to me and i would take it—I got her a switch and i got my bare butt switched hard and it hurt like crazy—and since that its had to happen once or twice a yr—It works for us! We may be a tiny minority


  8. I became a paddled (bare) husband because when I drink and drive its just understood I get my naked butt paddled by my wife no argument no excuses its understood I do not drive drunk but maybe still not a good idea–I get my bare butt paddled and it hurts a lot—I never argue cause because I have it coming—It does not happen often but it happens—-When I am bending over and ready to feel the paddle I am thinking ” God! Why was I such a fool?” It hurts—She may have saved my l ,life


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