4 comments on “Grading The Punishment (F/M)

  1. What a fantastic piece by Fred! Thanks, Fred!

    Fred tells me that this piece:
    “is also from my archives of older material, but its a follow-on from the previous one, as I promised to do at the end of ‘How I Became a Spanked Husband’. I am very gratified to read all the nice comments people have made about that”.

    Fred has promised us something completely new next week! Please encourage him by leaving comments here.


  2. Another excellent story by Fred Spankmanbare. He must be the envy of many guys who would like to be in a domestic spanking relationship. Am looking forward to his next story, which I’m sure will be of an equally high standard as his previous ones. Please keep writing Fred.


  3. Fred writes so descriptively. They do away with contrived ritual but all the same the punishments follow predictable patterns and always you can get a clear visual image from the text. Pleasing that the end result is satisfied release for both of the couple. Looking forward to reading more.


  4. What a wonderful description of your real-life punishment at the hands of your Mistress, Fred. It almost felt as if I were there, seeing you enjoy the delights of agony.

    You are a fortunate man indeed – most of us – well, I at any rate, can only dream of such things.

    Thank you for letting me into such an intimate part of Y/your lives, and my respects to your wonderful Mistress.


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