5 comments on “First Severe Caning For Me – Stress Relief For My Wife (F/M)

  1. Thank you once again, Fred, for bringing us a n account of your caning at the hands of your amazing lady wife. As I have said before, you are truly a lucky man to have such a wonderful partner and to share such an intimate interest with swishy things and the delightful pain they produce.

    To top it all, your writing is so believable, so loving – it is almost like being present at one of your sessions when I read your lovingly detailed reports.

    Thank you, both of you, for bringing me so much joy.



  2. Another great story from Fred on his wonderful domestic spanking lifestyle. It’s true that spanking/caning can be a great stress reliever, as his bottom discovered to its’ cost. Upset your dear wife, and you’re going to pay the price. Pat knows exactly how to keep a recalcitrant husband under firm control. Hope there are more accounts of this loving and firm relationship to come. I’m sure they are an inspiration to many couples who desire a domestic spanking relationship.


  3. I agrees you are a lucky man ,I wish I had a wife who would just wake up and give me caning . I just you are local to Yorkshire . I would travel to give stress relief to your wife


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