7 comments on “My First “Public” Spanking (F/M)

  1. Another great story from Fred. I have had a few requests for public spankings over the years, but to date have not had the opportunity to participate in one. Several of my sub’s would love the humiliation of being spanked in front of another, but as I say, the chance hasn’t come along yet. Having read Fred’s report of his first public spanking, I think it’s definitely something I must move near the top of my “to do” list.
    Keep misbehaving Fred, because every time you do we get the pleasure of reading about the thorough caning (or in this case bathbrush-ing) that Pat gives you. I have to say that the bathbrush can be a fearsome implement, particularly when applied hard.


  2. Absolutely brilliant! My wife and I are in a spanking relationship that has been going on for nearly thirty years! It’s not really femdom or disciplinary (although I received a few disciplinary spankings and canings in all those years), more to give some spice to our erotic life.

    A few years back my wife invited her best friend (who had known for some time of my spankings) to join her in a session (with my happy consent). Others followed, the friends husband, who is absolutely vanilla was invited to watch to, so I was spanked and whipped by two ladies with one person watching several times. The aspect of humiliation has been mentioned in the context of witnessed spankings. I never looked at it as humiliating – thrilling is a better word for it!

    Alas, three years ago, the two ladies fell in disagreement about spanking me and stopped the joint sessions. It’s just my wife and I now. They are still best friends, but my hope they would ever do a joint session again is zero (although I keep secretly fantasizing about it).


      • Rod

        No, never! She would never consent to that, and it would be a breech of my wife’s confidence in both of us. A private session with her without my wife is still my biggest fantasy and I believe she would be much stricter than my wife, but – alas – it’s never going to happen!



        • Hello George

          Thanks for coming back to me. It’s a shame your wife’s best friend won’t be disciplining you, but it’s a nice fantasy, as you say. At least your wife is still attending to your needs.

          I hope we will hear more from you in the future.



  3. I have received public (witnessed) spanking from two different women, a former girlfriend many years ago in front of her best girlfriend from college and my wife today in front of her sister. My girlfriend removed me from a dining room and spanked me in the adjoining kitchen. Although she had talked about doing it “someday” it was spontaneous and unplanned. Her girlfriend couldn’t see but was 10 -15 feet away and heard every minute of it. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. Her friend seemed mostly embarrassed but my girlfriend told me later her friend had introduced spanking into her own marriage after that so she must have been affected by it. That was the only time she spanked me that way but she probably would have done it again if she had the opportunity,
    My wife’s spankings in front of her sister started about four years ago after she had told her sister about our lifestyle. These happen 2-3 times a year and are pretty ritualized with me waiting in the corner when my sister in law arrives and lots of questioning and scolding. My wife spanks hard and long when her sister is there almost as if she has a point to make. My sister in law does not participate in the spanking but they have made me much more submissive and obedient to her which is a big change in our relationship. I don’t look forward to these spanking although I do fantasize about them afterward They also seem to make my wife more confident about being in charge and are definitely very effective from a purely disciplinary point of view.



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