3 comments on “Aunt’s Medicine – Part 08 (F/F)

  1. Kitty had more luck with her wooden spoon spanking than I did, as the only time I’ve used one it broke clean in half. Modern spoons just aren’t built to withstand the pressure of being firmly applied to a bare bottom, such shoddy workmanship!!
    To receive a caning from Aunt Judy straight after a good spanking with the wooden spoon definitely pushed Jane to the limit, and having to bare her bottom for Frank to see the marks must have been very humiliating. Still, it’s what a naughty girl deserves, so it’s what she gets.
    Great story, as always, with many more to come in 2012 I hope.
    Happy New Year to our Webmaster and all his readers.


  2. Poor Jane gets it so many ways and now even at work with a wooden spoon from Kitty who will no doubt use that new cane soon. The dining will be ok after that spoon has been in the dishwasher but such intensity means the spoon will not last many more times on Jane. Aunt Judy really has the measure of Jane and Jane accepts this despite her pains. At some point we may hear in a separate series just how Frank progresses from voyeur to obedient beaten submissive to Aunt Judy and her associates.


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