9 comments on “My First “Public” Caning After The “Public” Spanking (F/M)

  1. Fred – that was a marvellous story, hot, sexy and with a delicious touch of humiliation to add spice to an already sizzling scenario! You write so well, so lovingly about your wife/mistress and her expertise in administering CP – I think you must be a true aficionado of Impact Play.

    There is just one thing, and it isn’t to do with your excellent story at all; you said, almost as a post scriptum I feel sorry for people who haven’t got into the spanking scene, they are missing so much.

    That may be true, from our view-point; without wishing to diminish in any way the joys of the tawse, cane and whip, they are not for everyone, no more than stamp-collecting or bird-watching is. If I remember my (very) rusty Latin, de gustibus non est disputandum is as true today as it was 2,000 years ago!

    With all good wishes to you and your Lady.


  2. Another excellent account by Fred of Pat’s earnest punishments for infractions of her rules, and this time with the added bonus of being humiliated by being spanked in front of, and by, her friend Ann.
    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, you must be the envy of many who would love a domestic discipline relationship but aren’t lucky enough to have one.
    You’re absolutely right that those people who have yet to discover the spanking scene are missing out on so much, but I also agree with saucywriter that it’s not for everyone. Maybe if they just tried it once they’d know what they were missing, but some just don’t have the courage. I see it rather like a new dish in a restaurant, if you don’t try it, how will you ever know if you like it or not? Once tried, if you don’t, then you never have to have it again, but I find it very rare that someone plucks up the courage to be given their first spanking and doesn’t come back for more.
    Keep up the good work Fred, your stories always make for excellent reading, and more power to Pat (and Ann’s) elbow.


  3. Fred – I enjoyed your story very much, but seeing how you seem to enjoy receiving the cane – practically beg to receive it – I wonder if your canings are not – despite being harsh – more of an erotic than disciplinary nature? Also you seem to direct the “girls” (sic!) quite a bit on how to do the caning. A bit of topping from the bottom, perhaps? This is not meant as criticism at all! My wife and I enjoy a similar relationship: my whippings (cane, bathbrush, leather strap, sjambok, riding crop) are mostly erotic, rarely ever disciplinary. No problem if it’s OK for both (or all three in your case). I wish my wife’s friend would participate in my spankings again (see my comment on your post of December 15).



  4. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Saucywriter: Yes, I readily admit that spanking is not to everyone’s tastes, whether we are talking about giving or receiving, but as Jonathan points out, I’m really only encouraging people to try it or, at the very least, consider the benefits of trying it.

    George: Yes, I enjoy the build-up to a caning and the preparation ritual, and the erotic feeling of the hot glow spreading from my red and stripey buttocks all through my erogenous parts. The actual caning itself is very stingy and painful of course, but what I call the “outrageous intimacies” of me willingly offering my bare bottom for it, and my wife taking the cane to me, are both highly erotic and that’s what sees me through to the satisfying aftermath.

    Like George, I have found nothing humiliating about having Ann being present when I have to be disciplined. I find it an added excitement, as he says. For me, the eroticism of the whole performnce is enhanced by being able to show off my cane marks to another person as well as Pat. What a pity that doesn’t happen any longer, George! What was the nature of the disagreement between your wife and her friend about your spankings? I’m sure we’d all love to hear as much as you are able to tell us!



    • Another great story from Fred! Thanks for sharing it here. Thank you guys for all the comments too – it’s so nice to get feedback on the blog. More from Fred tomorrow – Friday 20th January 2012!


    • Fred

      During our last joint session (about 3 years ago) my wife felt her friend (let’s call her Penelope – it’s not her real name, but I like it) was losing her control and was punishing me too harshly. I do not think that feeling was justified. It’s true Penelope stepped it up to test my limits. I was a bit terrified myself, but in hindsight I have to admit she knew what she was doing all the time and there was no lasting damage done to my bottom (nor to the inside of my thighs, because she absolutely loved strapping them!). But my wife said afterwards she could not trust her any longer. Interestingly Penelope too felt something was wrong and wrote a letter to my wife the next day saying she would not continue with joint sessions. I feel it was a spot of jealousy too on my wife’s part, because Penelope is a natural spanker and likes to dominate men. She took to spanking and caning me like a duck to water, whereas my wife had to overcome some inhibitions initially (years ago when we started) as she is from an absolute vanilla background.

      I still meet Penelope once every one or two month (for lunch mostly), often together with my wife, but sometimes alone. When we are three the subject is never mentioned. I asked her privately if she would like to start again and she said yes, but I do not think there is a chance we ever will.



  5. I really liked this story. I have purchased 7 Canes of various thicknesses which my wife, Pam, uses on me very efffectively. The thickest one is just under 1/2″ wide. I have found that the thinest one is the most damaging as this one can and does cut. The experience is very erotic for both of us. Keep writing these stories as they give me much pleasure. I really do love the strap being applied to my bare bottom also.


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