5 comments on “Carpet Beater

  1. Carpet beaters – I know them well. Ouch! A rattan one is among the stingiest of our implements.

    I enjoyed reading about their history, but I don’t think ours is going to hang on the kitchen wall any time soon,



    • Yes, a rattan one sure can sting! Thanks for dropping in, Hermione. It’s a shame you won’t be displaying your one in the kitchen!

      The article and photos are from Wikipedia/public domain, so may be used anywhere…



  2. I was very kindly given a gift of a carpet beater, and soon put it to good use. No, no, not on the carpets, but by applying it firmly to the bare bottoms of the deserving. It’s easy to underestimate it’s power and sting, so for novices it’s best applied lightly until they can take it heavier.
    A fantastic gift from a dear friend, and yes, it was his bottom that got the first taster of it, as was only fitting.


  3. I recently purchased a carpet beater – but a real disappointment. Not sure why, maybe the one I bought was too light or too heavy, too much surface area, too many points of contact, I really can’t say, it just didn’t suit me.

    Could have been a state of mind thing and I just don’t have any fetishy feelings towards carpet beaters. Just don’t know.

    Thanks for sharing the history of the carpet beater.



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