5 comments on “Closing Down Sale – Part 2 (M/F or M/M)

  1. As a smoker I can hardly apply Uncle’s methods, but I could always modify it to suit my own needs. Maybe I should punish non-smokers for being so healthy and self-righteous?
    A great story, and what is it about a Policeman’s helmet that causes a quiver?


  2. Very nice! A most enjoyable tale with a little mystery about who was receiving the (well-earned) spanking!

    Thank you Rod!


    ps. I haven’t smoked in more than twenty years and I still miss them!



  3. Our mysterious spankee may yet learn how to behave, though I am sure most of us would like to hear of further sessions. The pressing task though is getting brother sent for due correction. I wonder how that conversation would go – hardly as simple as “hey Bro’ you know I promised i would always look after your interests, well I just happen to have found a policeman who is an expert caner and he can sort you out so that you do not need to get caught pleasuring yourself by mom ever again. Contact him by…” Maybe extra session is needed for being a teller of tales too.


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