4 comments on “Closing Down Sale – Part 3 (M/F or M/M)

  1. “this cane doesn’t do easy” – that line’s a classic!

    This post was a surprise. I didn’t think he would be caned, but expected his brother to be on the receiving end. Ah, well, there’s always Part IV.



    • Hi Hermione!

      Thanks for the comment. This part was designed to be a tease though I’m sure you’ll find Part 4 won’t disappoint your expectations! It’s half written already so it will be up here in a few days.


  2. Tease should be a middle name for you, I was crestfallen when younger brother looked to have escaped unscathed and then the emphasis on more well earned stripes for being sneaky was a bright hope. The endurance makes the victim seem more like a strong young man but could still be a resilient and confident young woman, wonderfully open still. Delight at the end when the brother is now due to be punished and looks like we will get detail at least very soon. Hurrah!


  3. I agree with the other bloggers that you are a terrible tease, but all good stories should leave you yearning for the next instalment. Great story, can’t wait to find out what happens in Part IV. Good news to hear that’s it’s on its’ way.


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