7 comments on “French Kink (M/F, F/M)

  1. Ooh la la! What fun you both had, and you did your best for Anglo-French relations. An exciting story, and I hope there’s more to come? It caused a hot flush on this cold, frosty, morning.


  2. Thank you for this entertaining little piece with its allusions the the Entente Cordiale! Much as I love Martinets and teasewhips, I find the supple English rattan a thing of such beauty, and, in the right hands, capable of such exquisitely painful and erotic delights.

    Thank you – I have also noticed yet another new post! You are spoiling us, Rod!


    • You’re very welcome Saucy! The other new post is a horny one by guest author Fred Spankmanbare. Fred’s stuff is always a great read, and if anyone is spoiling the readers, it is Fred!

      I have to agree with you about the cane, it really is the ultimate delight!


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