7 comments on “Disrespect (M/M with F audience)

  1. It is the lack of firm discipline amongst the young that has lead to the downfall of British society these days. David learnt that disrespecting Mr Green could only lead to scorched bottom. What a pity there aren’t more people like Mr and Mrs Green, who advocate the use of the hand, cane and tawse to undo the damage the politically-correct brigade have wrought on this country.
    An excellent story David, and I do hope David returns for further correction when his manners fall short of those we expect.


  2. I have to agree with you Jonathan! Bring back the cane!

    A very entertaining story from David. He has also sent a real life story, which will also be appearing exclusively here at The Canery! Many thanks, David!


  3. Thanks David, had not considered a chastiser’s wife being so involved before but the realism was amazing, could picture her in my head along with your shame when you overstepped the mark with careless expletive. You will need to go back before long


  4. Hi there David,
    I have never been disciplined by a male. I would most certainly consider it. I love the strap and cane so very much. I know that I need it.


  5. I can relate to David, as I have done similar disrespectful things. I could benefit by being led to that room by Mrs Green to be taught some manners by her husband.


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