8 comments on “How I Got Into Corporal Punishment Games (M/M)

  1. Thank you David for sharing your first spanking experience with us. They say the first experience is the one that stays with you forever, and that seems very true from your story. Speaking personally, I am honoured that you felt you could share it with me, and all the other blog readers.


  2. You obviously found the right man who could read you perfectly and progressed well. Look forward to hearing how your wife became your chastiser. I hope your friend found someone else in time to satisfy his needs though it reads you were pretty special


  3. I am one of the lucky ones because not only have I lived the fantasy and have no regrets but in a few very short minutes my wife will be arriving home for lunch (now 12.38 and she is due about 12.50), finding her sissy husband badly atired and will give him a sound thrashing with cane then tawse followed by the brush. I am happy and enjoy sharing both fiction and true life stories.


  4. Hi there David,
    I too would like to thank you very much for your true story of how you became involved in Corporal Punishment Games. I have always been interested in receiving Corporal Punishment. I love the leather strap in particular. Yes it does hurt but it is also a very big turn on for me. I am very fortunate that my wife uses various instruments on me – straps, canes, crops etc. If there is the interest from this blog’s readers I would be more than happy to share with you how I got my wife into using Corporal Punishment on me – an activity that she really relishes and puts her whole energy into. Please keep the good stories rolling in both real and fantasy. I love them both.


  5. brilliant story david love your account of what happened
    i live in the north east lincs area. uk
    I to love a good caning from an older male but with a difference ,
    so the marks don’t show
    and my wife doesn’t see them, my older friend canes and crops me between the cheeks –
    its more painful and more enjoyable without any tell-tale marks and I also call him sir as well and
    mostly I call him headmaster, but I can only see him every few months as he lives in france now
    and only travels to the uk a few times a year
    iv been looking for a new headmaster that will cane/crop me in the same way more often but with
    no luck to date
    david s


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