5 comments on “Mother-in-law Knows Best (FF/M)

  1. An excellent story David, and one that will be the envy of many a married man who would love to live in a spanking relationship. Add to that a mother-in-law who totally approves of punishment to keep a son-in-law in order, and you have the perfect mix.
    Can’t wait to read more.


  2. Hi there David,
    An excellent story from you. I am so glad that you will be a story contributor on this wondeful site. The story reminds me very much of how My wife has naked me bent over the end over our bed for the cane and lying across it for the strap – it really does hurt and I love it. To have Mother-In-Law present must have added very much to his humilation. I love having an audience present to witness my thrashings although that does not happen in our domestic situatioin but does happen at Play Parties that I/we attend. I am very fortunate that my wife is most happy for me to be disciplined by other females with the proviso that she gets to see the damage when I get back home, something that I am more than happy to do. I also agree with Jonathan’s comment on how unfortunate other people are who do not get to have these wonderful experiences that us spankos enjoy.


  3. How I would love to be in that situation. My wife has never shown any interest in corporal punishment. Unfortuntely I have to buy it from professional doms.


  4. I too am dominated by both. I received my first naked spanking over my wife’s knee on our wedding night. On my 50th birthday, my wife, mother-in-law and I went out to dinner to celebrate, we returned home for cake and lots of champagne. My mil said goodnight and as soon as the door closed my wife kissed me & started stripping me saying their was 1 more thing she needed to give me & led me to the living room couch, sat down and turned me over her knee for my spanking when the door opened & in walked my mil looking for her keys. “What have we here” she asked. My wife told her it was our tradition, they talked & my wife didn’t miss a beat. My mil then said she too wanted to wish me a happy b’day as well & over her knee I went as well. “Any other traditions I don’t know about” she asked.
    My wife then said “I usually flip him over and blow his candle out”. “Like this” & she flipped me over & went to work on me. My wife then told her I also like my nipples sucked on & bitten to which she did as well, before I lost control & hit her semi exposed breasts. She took her blouse off and had me lick them clean. Now I get spanked by both on all of our B’days and anniversary as well & more often if they think I need it.


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