7 comments on “Black Mark (M/M)

  1. Fantastic stories. Well written and very realistic, and just the first of many I hope.
    Bottoms Up!!


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Jonathan. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the stories here. “Black Mark” is not entirely fiction. An older guy on the checkout did say “That’s a black mark for you then” when I told him that I’d forgotten my bags. I haven’t seen him since but I do wonder if he could sense that I was a spanko.

    Bottoms up indeed!

    Rod The Canery Author


  3. I’m glad “Black Mark” has been reposted. An excellent story, which has always been one of my favourites.
    I wonder if I should get a job at the supermarket, with a cane under the counter ready to cane the bottoms of anyone who forgets to bring their “Bag For Life?”


  4. What a way to start 2012 with such a tale of that first encounter with Peter and George. You just know how the whole situation develops from those first quips at the supermarket till. Many of us would happily be Peter and have constantly imagined such thoughts when served by the right store employee. Jonathan and others would happily be that employee relishing the chance to discover more guys to keep in line as they need. George will use that cane again and again on Peter in the future I am sure. At the moment Peter needs that build up to the intensity of caning but Rod will have plenty to reveal in the months ahead I am sure.


    • This is an updated version of the old favourite. I have tidied it a little. When this was written originally, my grammar was a little rusty, so this new version has a lot of mistakes corrected and should read a lot better.


  5. Yes of course Rod another great story. For some reason I seemed to have missed it previously. Maybe it was on the site before I had indicated my interest in reading your stories. I can well understand why George would have been disappointed that he had failed to humilitate and break Peter. Maybe next time yes please. It brings to my memory my recent thrashing. I was promised that I would be tortured. I am very sure that my Dom wished to break and humilitate me. In the actual event he was rather nice to me. Do not get me wrong – he had me dancing trying to get away (impossible as I was cuffed at wrists and ankles). Marks and bruising too were my lot. They were still showing over a week later. I have a feeling that the tempo will increase the next time we meet, which should be in just under a fortnight. Please keep writting these good stories Rod as we your readers love them. Thanks.


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