9 comments on “Mother-in-law Knows Best – Part 3 (F/M, F/F)

  1. David

    Great story! Exactly the sort of MIL I would wish to have. Alas, mine is dead and she was so vanilla I can’t imagine her ever playing that role.

    My wife has been spanking and caning me for the past twenty years or so. while most of the time it is not really disciplinary, her spankings can be quite harsh, just for (her) fun.

    A few years ago, she invited her best (girl) friend to participate in the sessions. That lady is hot, a real natural! Not only does she spank hard, but she is also very talented in scolding and humiliating a man. Unfortunately after a few sessions my wife thought she was becoming too good at it and perhaps she also felt she was losing control, so these joint sessions stopped, much to my regret. We are all still seeing each other and when I am alone with my wife’s friend we often reminisce about theses old times.

    My favourite scenario was that my wife would send me to her friend for harsh discipline and I am sure I would have gotten more than I would have asked for, but sadly enough this is never going to happen.

    By the way: it is very true that spankings hurt more after an ejaculation! As soon as the erection is gone the wish to be spanked vanishes completely. For true disciplinary spankings it is therefore advisable to have the bad boy jerk off or to milk him dry.



  2. When I was first married I insulted my new mother in law. She warned me saying I would be sorry but I had no idea what she meant. One day when we were alone while my wife and her sisters were out shopping she confronted me. She listed a series of insults and rude comments and told me she was going to teach me some manners and respect. I said I was sorry but she said that I wasn’t yet but I soon would be.
    Then she told me she was going to spank me! At first I thought she was joking but then as she took me by the arm and led me to the back of the house I could tell she wasn’t joking. When we got to the bedroom she fumbled around in a dresser and produced a short thick leather strap, now I was getting nervous thinking this is going to be awkward. Then she told me to drop my pants! I said “no way” and she slapped my face so hard I saw stars, then she told me again to drop them and this time I did. Then grabbing my left arm she started whacking me with the strap, I jumped and tried to get away but she had a remarkably striong grasp of my arm and then she put a foot in my pants which were around my ankles and I wad


  3. After many years of thinking I was alone in having been spanked by my mother in law , the internet has provided some relief. While I strongly suspect that most of these stories are fantasy, knowing that some may be real is interesting.

    My wife and I are senior citizens now some 4 decades after my first adult spanking. Mother in law is gone now but the sensation of the scolding and the intensity of the spanking are still vivid today. I had been spanked a few times growing up but none had the ritual of what my wife explained was her mother’s consistent scenario. After telling me what my infractions were she told me she was going to spank me. I was 20 years old and at first I thought she was kidding. When she grabbed my ear and dragged me to my wife’s childhood bedroom I started to get pretty concerned. When she told me to drop my pants I said no way, and she smacked my face so hard I saw stars. When she told me again to drop them this time I complied . I pushed my jeans down and she tanked my underpants down and wrestled me over her knee while seated on the bed. I then felt the incredibly shocking sting of a leather paddle, I squirmed and bucked and try to get away but she had me trapped between her legs and she was amazingly strong. She paddled me until I was agreeing to anything she said and was promising to be good. When she let me up my. backside felt like it was on fire. She grabbed my ear again and told me to face the wall. she told me if I touched my behind I would get it much worse . she made me stand with my hands on my head facing the wall for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t sit comfortably for the next 2 days. It took a while before I could bring myself to tell my wife. she said she knew. my wife has been spanking me all these years since


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