4 comments on “Wife Feels Like Giving Me A Thrashing (F/M)

  1. Wonderfull comments and I understand everything you say. My own wife is a devil once she picks up the cane, tawse or brush or any other objetc she finds herself with. the waiting is immense and by the time she tells me to “Get over then” in an almost mocking way, I am on a high. the pain can be terrific or horrific or both and you are right it is all wonderful thanks to these endorphins. I love when my arse is a mess and red hot and thankful to say that is a regular event in our house.


  2. The story by Strapmenow and the comment by David highlight just how successful a domestic spanking relationship can be. I’m sure both guys will be the envy of many, having achieved the ultimate goal of being punished on a regular basis by a wife they know they must obey. I hope Strapmenow will continue to impress us with the recollections of his punishment sessions, as it made for excellent ready (arousing too).


  3. Thanks very much Rod for your tidying up of my story. I regard it as a very great privilege to see it as a story on your blog.


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