7 comments on “The Crop Circle (M/M)

  1. Bring this story onwards please. Excited from the very start and title.Loved it and can’t wait for the initiation ceremony. Loved this from the first title.


  2. A new direction in this tale and from the start I would not have bet on the outcome, however I love the element of doubt that the crop circle is an elaboration designed to draw in our jockey into making amends for his own vigorous application. That said, there is so much potential for the initiation, group and when he gets to chastise stable lads or other jockeys and trainers. Another lap is required.


  3. Oh you can always rely on an equestrian to know how to use the crop across a nice pair of buttocks. The spurs on the boots look a bit lethal, but I’m sure a horseman would know that they have to be used sparingly. Great story, and I can’t wait for the initiation ceremony.


  4. Hi there Rod,
    Another great story from you Rod. I like the crop. That one in the story looks much more severe than the ones I have so far experienced. The ones from Adult Shops are much gentler. The lash is just a loop of leather. The very interesting thing that I have discovered about crops is that the flexible striking part (the short loop in my case) is the only part that strikes. The handle has no effect whatsoever. I did so like the photo of the cropped bare bum! Oh ouch indeed!!!!


  5. I very much enjoyed the story. I can hardly wait to see if the crop circle is real or not. At any rate the I am glad our leading man got a taste of what he gave the horses. I think the birching will be a just reward for our versatile equestrian. Make him cry in front of the group.
    Thank You


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