4 comments on “I Want To Kill My Mother-in-law (F/M)

  1. Another fantastic story to brighten up a very wet and boring Sunday, with great illustrations of what happens to a miscreant husband caught masturbating. A case of “like mother, like daughter” when it comes to laying on the cane and hairbrush, but will he have learnt his lesson? Somehow I doubt it, and further regular punishments will be a necessity.


  2. I really enjoyed this one, Rod, but I think you made a typo in the title – surely you meant KISS – her feet, in all probablity 😉 ! Or am I on the wrong blog with such submissive thoughts?

    Nicely done – thank you.



    • Ha Ha saucy! That title would have some merit…however he hasn’t fully recognised his submissiveness yet. Maybe something for a Part 2? Anyway, thanks for dropping in – you have been missed.



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