5 comments on “I Want To Kill My Mother-in-law (F/M)

  1. Another fantastic story to brighten up a very wet and boring Sunday, with great illustrations of what happens to a miscreant husband caught masturbating. A case of “like mother, like daughter” when it comes to laying on the cane and hairbrush, but will he have learnt his lesson? Somehow I doubt it, and further regular punishments will be a necessity.


  2. I really enjoyed this one, Rod, but I think you made a typo in the title – surely you meant KISS – her feet, in all probablity 😉 ! Or am I on the wrong blog with such submissive thoughts?

    Nicely done – thank you.



    • Ha Ha saucy! That title would have some merit…however he hasn’t fully recognised his submissiveness yet. Maybe something for a Part 2? Anyway, thanks for dropping in – you have been missed.



  3. More than 40 years ago I was spanked at the age of 20 by my new mother in law. This story has a tone of sexuality. I have since the evolution of the internet been looking for stories with this theme.
    In my case there was not the slightest hint or suggestion of titilation . I had been rude and derided her religious values and embarrassed her in her home. She was careful to confront me when no one was around..while sitting at the breakfast table she quietly listed my offenses . I said I was sorry and she said she didn’t think so but was sure I soon would be. She said that while everyone was out for the morning she was going to teach me some manners and that I would find out what happens to rude impertinent young men . I was listening but when she said that she was going to see to it that anytime I thought about mouthing off to her in the future I would feel the need to stand up? She calmly told me that she was going to take my pants down and blister my behind. I was incredulous, at first I thought she was kidding but as she went on with her plan, I could see she meant business .she told me to go wait for her in my wife’s childhood bedroom . I was waiting and I was torn between wanting to tell her she was ridiculous and wanting to run away. I was so confused . Here I was a grown man waiting to be spanked. For a fleeting second I thought it might be a bit weird but maybe interesting , when she came into the room she was carrying a short leather strap that looked frightening . She was standing in front of me scolding me and telling me what was about to happen. She ordered me to stand up and then she told me to drop my pants ! I hesitated and moved back, then she smacked my face so hard that I saw stars. Drop them! She demanded and now I reluctantly lowered my pants. With remarkable strength and anger she grasped my left arm and stated swinging the strap . The first contact hurt like hell and now I was scared. She forced me over a dresser and after 10 or 12 whacks yanked my underpants down. She had my pants and underpants wrapped around my ankles and when I tried to move out the way of the strap I couldn’t move. She strapped me until I was begging her to stop and promising anything . When she finally decided I had had it she let me stand up. All sense of modesty was gone and my hands went to put out the fire. She stood me in the corner and said no rubbing or I would get more. I was sore for days and that night I had a tough time sitting around the table with my new family. There was absolutely nothing sexual or erotic it was a old fashioned maternal spanking and it worked , I never wanted that to happen again


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