8 comments on “Son’s Birthday Present (M/M)

  1. Six of the best is good, but that’s an everyday caning. To mark Robert’s 21s birthday, his bare bottom should have received 21 strokes. A caning he’ll never forget. It sounds like his Dad has more in store for him though.
    Great story Rod, as always.


  2. Great story Rod as per your usual. Reminds me somewhat of the thrashing I received two Sundays ago. Various instruments were used on my bare (apart from thong which was pulled right up my arse crack) bottom. It started with a wicked thick stiff leather paddle. There was also thick wood used, along with such items as chopsticks (two taped together) – amazingly stingy, various floggers, old fashioned belt (no buckles). There was not much left of the marking after six days. However backs of thighs were still stiff as sailboards and correspondingly sore. After eight days inner thighs have turned yellow – backs of thighs still showing purple bruising and yes still sore. I think I forgot to say that for the session my wrists and ankles were cuffed to St Andrews Cross. That lead to an interesting conversation when I attempted to walk away as it was hurting so much. The Dom laughed with genuine amusement as well as the expected irony. I loved every moment of the session as well as the after effects and am looking forward to a continuation on a monthly basis, though it may have to wait as time goes on to a bi-monthly basis as my Dom will not work on me unless I am completly healed. I hope that you and your readers will enjoy what I have just written.


  3. Red-hot story culminating in a red-hot caning. “Virtues of the cane” eh? I like the sound of that! After all, a vicious caning would be bound to eradicate vice from a guy and make him virtuous; at least for a while!
    Thanks, Rod!


  4. Hi John

    Thanks for commenting and welcome to the perverted world of The Canery! Yes, I must have been in a mild mood to let the son get away with just six strokes. An adult male like him can take a lot more – maybe the 21 Jonathan refers to in his comment?

    I hope we’ll hear from you again.



  5. Just re-read this story and enjoyed it as much again! I wish I had had such birthday presents! And you are right an adult male can take a lot more which I now know from personal experience! Reminds me very much of when I visit my headmaster for a “detention”. He sets me work in advance and also gives me more tasks during the session. And of course there are various offences that are discussed. I am punished for the offences and poor work. He has a selection of canes and tawses and sometimes uses a slipper. He canes me usually while I am bending over a chair, sometimes with trousers and pants down. For the slipper I bend down and touch my toes. I have to lie down for the tawse, bottom raised over some cushions and the tawse is brought down hard vertically on the bottom. And I can tell you the headmaster is a strict disciplinarian and very good at it! ….Maybe Robert could do with a session too…..


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