6 comments on “The Rugby Bus (M/M)

  1. I knew the world of rugby was tough, but Coach McTavish soon showed those rugby boys that even the toughest can be in tears after a good caning. If Coach McTavish ever needs an Assistant, I have a strong right arm and my own whippy cane.
    Great story Rod, and I hope there’s more to come?


    • Hi John

      Thanks for commenting. Another story is in the pipeline. As for this story, it was going to be called “Bus Full Of Bollocks” or “Bus Full Of Buggers”, but I made a last minute decision to tone down the title.


  2. Hot story for a hot summer. McTavish sounds like just the kind of coach to get the best out of a rugby team; and I suspect he doesn’t even need any help from Jonathan’s cane. Now if there’d been a coach with a cane waiting when I returned from my cross-country runs at school, I might have put in better times.
    More please, Rod!


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