7 comments on “Behind The Beaded Curtain Of A Sleazy ’70s Sex Shop (M/M)

  1. You have the detail of the period captured well and if I was artistic it would be easy to draw visuals from what you tell us. Peter took that first thrashing well and I loved the way the record was kept. The photolab would surely have processed more than one print! Having read this one, am definitely charged. Time to check out below the view.


  2. Thanks sukemnsee. I was working on some special artwork for this, but it was taking too long, and I was anxious to get this story posted. No doubt the artwork will get recycled for use in a future post.

    Rod x


  3. A great description of a seedy sex-shop of yesteryear. String-pants indeed! Loved young Peter’s initiation into the ways of spanking and his brave endurance of his first caning. I liked the realism too of his uncertainty whether he wanted more or didn’t. I’m pleased he decided that he did; as no doubt were Rick and Mark!


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