9 comments on “Chess Club Was Never Like This (M/M)

  1. Written in a jiffy and read in a jiffy; but not forgotten in a jiffy! A sharply-drawn, vivid account of a first encounter with the cane, which I think will remain in my memory for some time. Nothing like a caning to keep a lad “in check” when he’s tempted to play with his little “mate” in public view!
    Congrats, Rod!


  2. Yet again we have a wonderful capture of how life should be. Irresponsible youth being corrected rather than condemned. Justin was man enough to take what was coming even though it made him boy like. He knew enough about chess to know that sometimes you have to forfeit and look for the win at later opportunity


  3. Another great story Rod thanks. I never mastered the art of playing Chess, but I did master the art of caning, and I think the taste of the cane that Justin got from Mr Atkinson was well deserved after his perverted sexual depravity. A boy must learn that masturbating in public (even in a conservatory) is beyond the bounds of decency.


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