9 comments on “Toilet Attendant (M/M)

  1. Fantastic story Rod, one of your best. I don’t think I’ve ever entered a Victorian toilet, it was always mouldy old Portakabins in my day, but the fun I had made the surroundings much more bearable.
    Hope there’s more to come from the Toilet Attendant and some of the things he’s indulged in, and all on his own property of course.


  2. Rod, your stories are always so good at creating visual images. Immediately I was in memory of some of those old toilets, often the standing alone for a while lost in fantasy, also wondering just what the attendant in the office with obscured glass could see. Lots happened in those places years back but oh to have stumbled on the scene you described. Wonderful


  3. An old-fashioned setting for an old-fashioned punishment; delicious!
    The choice of a Victorian loo was inspired and I loved the way it became a part of the beating towards the end; and how the hard tiles were uncomfortable – but that didn’t matter, because they were authentic!
    If only it all happened so easily in real life…………

    Congratulations, Rod. You can enjoy a flush of success!



  4. Hello Rod: This was a re-read for me, but I enjoyed as much as the first time some while ago. The classic ending was “uplifting” for me if you get the double entendre. I have always been of the opinion that having your belly against a red, hot bottom was the ultimate turn-on. Cheers! Brian


  5. i love this story. where is this toilet. i would love to suck the attendants circuncised cock after he caned me


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