13 comments on “Old School Blazer (F/M)

  1. Ooooh! I don’t usually go for f/m stories, but………..there’s something rather exciting about a dominant auntie and a rather scared Jonathan. Hot stuff, Rod!


  2. Another excellent story Rod. Jonathan obviously got what he deserved for abusing his Aunt’s trust by bringing naughty magazines into her house. Not that I think the spanking and caning he received from her will act as a deterrent to him doing it again.


  3. Great story Rod, wish she was my aunty ! I am sure Jonathan will be buying more spank mags soon for aunty to find !


  4. Like Joel, I would not imagine reading as first choice but it was too well written to resist. Now I am just about to take on paid digs with a landlady that would neatly fit Aunt profile. Hope she cannot work a computer to find my photos


  5. I celebrated leaving school by ripping my blazer to shreds. How fortunate for Jonathan that he decided to hang on to his!


  6. So exciting and reminiscent of my school days, I had tb e caned several times for dis obedience but loved going into the sick room after to be consoled by a strict but pretty school secretary , happy days!

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  7. It would be interesting to see what would happen if it turned out she wasn’t a real aunt. Either way I loved the story.


  8. I love F/m stories and I especially love it when the lady gets sexually excited from chastising him and declares he should thank her properly for taking the time and effort to correct his faults by kneeling with his head between her thighs until allowed to rise. Maybe if satisfied and the mood strikes her she might reciprocate.


  9. When I was courting my future wife we used to badysit for her aunt at night when she came home my wife would go home and leave me there her aunt would ask the kids if everything was ok if not I would go over her knee for a bare bottom spanking – it always made my penis stand up


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