6 comments on “Music From The Bell Foundry (M/M)

  1. What a great story to keep your readers entertained over the Christmas period. Thanks Rod. Hope 2014 sees lots more stories flying off your pen (well keyboard really).
    Hope 2014 is a spankingly good year for you.


  2. A real ding-dong of a story this; and a great way to recover from the excesses of Christmas! I liked the original setting and the gradually growing enjoyment of young Rick as the bells began to resound for him as the cane struck.
    A fine end to 2013 and hopefully a hint of new and fresh narrative delights in the new year.



  3. Ross and Joel! Thanks for joining the spanking party and commenting here! I must admit that I really like this story myself. The echo of the bells is such a funny concept. I have something a little different planned for my next new story. Yours, Rod x


  4. A resounding end to another year of great stories on this site. This one soon leads to a polished bell end. Rick should become a part of the service operation as apprentice and when the workforce return, a full peal should happen as they appreciate the needs of moulding a modern apprentice. Look forward to great things in 2014 while this narrative keeps churning in mind


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