10 comments on “A Strict Father-in-law (M/M)

  1. Indeed. Des is right, this is a real thriller from the pen of distinguished guest author Baddlad17. It’s long been a favourite of mine, so I am really pleased to be able to share it here on The Canery.


  2. Always great to read about a young guy who ‘appreciates’ the cane being used on him; especially if it spices up his sex-life! Hot stuff and a thrilling read!

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  3. read it several times and ended up oozing pre cum then had to shoot my load, wish it was me bending over for father in law.


  4. This was a very enjoyable and horny story. It would’ve been hornier had the father used his police belt for the whipping instead of the cane. Since he was spanking grown men and treating them like children he (the father) should’ve unbuckled their belts and pulled their belts and pulled the pants and underwear down. After the whipping he should’ve made them stand in a corner, just like the kids he was treating them like, It really turned me on reading about grown men getting their bare butts whipped.


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