6 comments on “Remembering The Spanking Vicar (M/M) NEW!

  1. I am proud and thrilled to host a brand new story from everyone’s favourite author, Charles Hamilton II. This story is currently exclusive to The Canery. Thank you Charles! Readers, please be sure to check out the links to his own website.


  2. Yes; a great and detailed account of a first spanking; and I loved the final sentence with all its implications! What a lucky boy Richard was.

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  3. Hello Charles: Once again you have delivered your usual well sequenced & delightfully detailed saga of a young man discovering the multi faceted psychological high & the attendant titillating heat that follows the denouement of the post discipline period. The good vicar is the embodiment of all the prurient aspects of the practised sexual sadist. The oblique references to the likely robustness of the Vicar’s manhood , while witholding any physical description ,thereby compelling the reader to postulate the Vicar’s having an engine of inordinate dimensions, is mental masturbation! I trust that in further episodes, we may be privileged to learn of his manhood being put to a use that will benefit both the Vicar & his new tenant. Bravo Charles! Another literary feather for your cap.
    Cheers! Brian


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