7 comments on “The Bright Red Briefs (M/M) NEW!

  1. Hello Rod: The Bright Red Briefs is an absolute classic tale. The author developed the story beautifully, & his lavish use of detail & the personal emotions of the three people involved was exceptional. The covert actions of the “boys” is highly believable (personal memories were awakened !) & the manipulation of the boys by the cane wielder was brilliant. The descriptions that followed of the caning & the resultant collateral effects on the boys produced intense arousal for me! I envied the man wielding the cane! Absolutely top notch reading. Cheers! Brian

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  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the story. Good description of the two boys which I found really believable. Hot account of the caning which I found very erotic and brought on an erection. So, I was stroking as I finished reading. Perhaps I should be next in line for a caning!

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  3. Joel’s stories are always magical, and this is no exception. Hot and beautifully narrated: a summery beach, two lovely, adventurous boys, and their random encounter with an older, experienced and very “helpful” top.

    A splendid tale!


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  4. Thanks for that, Joel. It PUSHed my button, and reminded me of one of my own stories, only the briefs were lime green and ended up among the euphorbia on the garigue.


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