17 comments on “An Unexpected Cane (M/M) NEW!

  1. When I was in my forties I lived with a girl younger than me we used to row a lot and we lived next door to her parents one day after another row I went next door and told I would be punished I was bent over a chair and got my bare bottom caned 24 times by her dad I didn’t learn because I got it a few times after always bare bottom my partner seid I deserved it every time

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  2. What a way to kick off 2019! Loved this imagery throughout and the concomitant ejaculation was a reminder of how powerful the situation was. Mike will be needed for cold cream at least in future times.

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  3. This story was hot and very exciting. Although I have never been Caned before, would try a few strikes. Excellently written and made so interesting.

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  4. Thanks for your encouraging comments, guys. It’s always a pleasure to have a story hosted on The Canery.
    Give it a go, Jonny. Being caned is a thrilling experience!

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  5. Since I was youngish, I have adored the cane; it is the most beautiful implement of punishment, once you’ve been caned a few times, it is simply the most gorgeous sensation known to mankind – I dream almost every night of the times I was caned and the beautiful, orgasm inducing raised, red welts and tramlines which just make the penis twitch with delicious little spasms whenever I touch the love kisses the lovely cane leaves behind.
    My most memorable time was when I was caned 4 times in a single week, 18 delicious lashes every two days. Although I was sore, I literally couldn’t wait for the next love affair to start and for the cane to cross the previous love-welts. The stinging was so intense and yet so lovely, I came on every caning, around the 14th love-kiss of the cane. Actually, although I could barely touch the welts by the end of the week, I actually begged and pleaded the lady to cane me after a short break of a few days. Wow, I am SO glad I did: I earned myself 36 of the hardest cane-kisses I’d ever experienced – 3 feet of groin-throbbing whip-like rattan, lashed across my desperate bottom over around 40 minutes. That night, I orgasmed 5 times as I stroked and flicked the love-welts. A Beautiful punishment instrument; nothing comes close to its sexiness …. I would LOVE to have my bottom thoroughly whipped shortly after making love with the cane….


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