12 comments on “An Unexpected Cane (M/M) NEW!

  1. When I was in my forties I lived with a girl younger than me we used to row a lot and we lived next door to her parents one day after another row I went next door and told I would be punished I was bent over a chair and got my bare bottom caned 24 times by her dad I didn’t learn because I got it a few times after always bare bottom my partner seid I deserved it every time

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  2. What a way to kick off 2019! Loved this imagery throughout and the concomitant ejaculation was a reminder of how powerful the situation was. Mike will be needed for cold cream at least in future times.

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  3. This story was hot and very exciting. Although I have never been Caned before, would try a few strikes. Excellently written and made so interesting.

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    • loved the above story i also cum sometimes when being caned, Recently got a different kind of caning, got the short thin nursery cane bare bottom OTK! and i came on my spankers lap and thigh!


  4. Thanks for your encouraging comments, guys. It’s always a pleasure to have a story hosted on The Canery.
    Give it a go, Jonny. Being caned is a thrilling experience!

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    • Willowswitch, you weren’t the only one…..

      I have read it 3 times so far and everytime same result……mmmm


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