6 comments on “Packing Heat (M/M) NEW!

  1. Hello readers! Sorry it’s taken so long to produce something new. I hope you enjoy it. If I write a sequel, it will be called “Hacking Pete”!


  2. Red hot story with a twist in the tail, as young Peter finds that a caning is a lot more exciting than he ever thought. My experience of the Summer of Love was never like this, alas! Thanks for a great new story.


  3. Sounds like the old fashioned village Bobby cuffing the errant lads round the ear hole. ..
    Or in this case the bum!


  4. Dreadful pity the cane was abolished – today’s juvenile anarchy and disrespect of decent behaviour and unwillingness to work hard, would have been avoided had the cane been retained!


    • Well Barry
      A select few still use it!
      But not as a mainstream deterrent unfortunately!
      The justice system is not what it used to be!!


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