8 comments on “I Could Smell The Man On My Hands (M/M) NEW!

  1. Oh wow! Yes; I do like it! Sizzling hot, as Henri and Jim have an intense session together, and Henri gets introduced to the cane. Loved Jim’s sadistic enjoyment of beating Henri; and of course it was good to know Henri got his chance to do some thrashing himself! A highly arousing tale!



  2. Great little story of a Frenchman underestimating then discovering the sting of the cane. Bonus points for featuring other implements too.


  3. my friend allows her boyfriend to wear only white cotton briefs ! when he gets home , she pulls down his pants right away. if she finds him in boxers …he gets punished . she has him bend over the table all the way . then she gets the paddle . he usually gets 6 swats . occasionally he gets even more . then he has to change into briefs ; go to bed . he doesnt get to sit comfortably for a couple of days ! at least 1 day !!

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