6 comments on “Top Shelf Showdown (M/M)

  1. my boyfriend just got it from me on his bare tush for not obeying me .girls are to be obeyed ! if not………..pants & undies down & whack ! whack !! whack !!!

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  2. hazlet, you sonnd like a strict disciplinarian ! i should be under your authority ! i once got it from a girl . it was at a party . she took me into a room , scolded me for what i did .ordered me to lower my trousers & gave me 2 slaps with her hand over my boxers . then i had to apologize !

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  3. Super story Rod
    Kind of reminiscent of my first curious purchasing of CP publications by mail order.. (never would I have bought from my local newsagent they knew my parents!!😮..I think Robert in the story was asking for trouble!)
    The main worry was my Dad opening the mail first as we shared the same first name so it was always a relief to intercept the mail before he did particularly the large plain A4 sized brown envelopes!!
    It’s a real shame we can’t be more open about our proclivities without being seen as deviants!..but that’s the way of the world mores the pity!
    Kind regards Chubs 😆


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