One comment on “Christmas Shopping 2019

  1. Hi Rod and readers
    My forays into CP as an adult have been few and far between but when they happen it’s a lovely treat!…

    Even so the appreciation of receiving a few strokes from a competent caner with a proper cane!(.not a ragged bit of horrible garden cane. .yuk!..)
    There is nothing quite like the feeling of a proper caning and it’s very difficult to describe accurately although many stories here do a great job!..

    My only regret is that I’ve not had the ‘pleasure’ of trying a different batch grade of canes the dear chap I saw for some cane therapy only had two.. not to say they didn’t do the trick but it would have been interesting to feel the subtle difference between each kind of cane.

    My dear partner did try and offer help in this field in the early days of our relationship but now our children are older it’s not very practical and she never liked laying on too hard anyhow!

    Do any other readers have similar experiences?
    It would be interesting to know?
    Kind regards Chubs 😊


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