7 comments on “A Cane To Treasure (M/M) NEW!

  1. Special thanks to Joelstrap for sharing this mighty fine new story with us here at The Canery. Extra special thanks for making it exclusive to The Canery! Joel, you’re a star!!!


  2. An interesting title and an excellent and novel story. The concept of having to find a school cane on a Treasure Hunt, years after abolition of the cane, naturally arouses the interest of spankophiles like me! Very clever to have the retired school teacher participate in the Treasure hunt and unmask the boy who stole his beloved cane – however I believe that both boys should have been caned and made to watch the other getting it so that both would get erect! More please….

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  3. Turn back the clock in spades. Loved memory of Car Treasure Hunts. Just rewards all round with lots more to follow Saturday onwards but I reckon Dale will knock the door before then when first result obvious. Top of the form again Joelstrap

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