5 comments on “Introduction to The Cane (M/M) NEW!

  1. Joel has surpassed himself with this wonderful tale, which I have enjoyed several times now! Bonthrone’s cane is going to be busy for a short while! Thanks for sharing it, Joel!

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  2. A well written and entertaining story – sadly banning CP in schools has resulted in the current demise of respect for the law and one’s elders and betters. I would hate to be a school teacher now. I was fortunate enough to attend an all boys Grammar School in Essex when being caned was an every day risk for boys taking chances – which I did all too often! So during my school career I had numerous periods of painful pleasure – bending over for at least “six of the best”!


  3. It certainly isn’t only Colin and Paul that react to this tale of introduction. So many aspects stimulate even though we know at the moment of the cane striking that bravado evaporates and pain is felt yet memories like this excite a lot longer. Thanks for another dose of realism at your usual mastery.


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