4 comments on “Uncle Knows Best (M/M) NEW!

  1. An adult to be proud of, thanks to regular Uncle concern and discipline. Fortunate enough with the final bonus when you really a man. Hope you maintain standards long after his demise. Thanks for ringing in our new year with this. I won’t be the only one excited by the shared memory for sure.

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  2. A fine, red-hot, start to the year. I can’t resist a guy who knows he needs a leathering and gets excited by both it and the prospect of it. A satisfied young man in the story and a satisfied reader too!

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  3. I must add my approval and thanks for this great story. It’s a fine start to what I hope will turn out to be a great year for The Canery and for all of us.


  4. Hi, I’ve just found this site and this is the first story I’ve read and it’s like a fantasy that I’ve imagined myself being in. Oh how wonderful to of had an uncle like that. Looking forward to reading more stories on here



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