3 comments on “Taking A Leap (M/M) NEW!

  1. It is a privilege to share this wonderful story by Joel. Hope you all like it.

    This story replaces a half-finished one of my own titled “Boxers”, which was posted by mistake. I probably deserve a hard caning for that blunder! “Boxers” will reappear shortly, once it is finished. There is also a hot new story by sukemnsee coming soon. Rod x


  2. I may have read this story elsewhere but it rightly belongs in this site selection. As ever it stirs us all up and wishing we were any of the characters, well maybe not the elderly pal as he might have missed the important action. Thanks Joel.


  3. A wonderful reaffirming tale with multiple happy endings for all. Never waste an opportunity, use every day to the full, try everything at least once and give credit to to all who deserve it.
    I loved it!


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