9 comments on “Ten Years Of Caning

  1. Thanks Rod for your TENacity over this decade. You have followed your brief and there is still a wide variety of content and useful links here. I wish all power to your elbow or someone else’s as you plough forward in years ahead. Selfish hopes of course, where else would I get such an array of author fiction for my pleasures.


    • Thanks, Sukemnsee! Your support and friendship over the years is gratefully appreciated. I’ll be publishing one your hot stories again, very soon. Rod x


  2. Happy Birthday, Canery!
    Congratulations as well to Rod for keeping the site going so successfully for a whole decade, and for providing hot stories in an attractive format, with even a few pictures to enliven things still further!
    I’m hoping that the second ten years is as enjoyable and entertaining as the first has been.




    • Hey, Joel! Thanks for the comment dude! Your support on the journey has been invaluable, and its been a privelege to share your excellent stories here. Rodders.


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