5 comments on “Sore In Shorts (M/M) NEW!

  1. Dear Joel
    Thank you once again, for a red hot story. I wish I could, dive into one of your stories and be a character in them! Lol. I love the creative way you incorporate spanking and caning into your stories. It is very innovative to have sexy shorts, as marketed to spankos. All the best and I am looking forward to your other stories.

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  2. Joelstrap’s fertile imagination has conjured up yet another opportunity for a virgin bottom to be introduced to the delights of cp. Like the shorts, this is a very short tale, loaded with homoerotic content and that special magic that a cane delivers. The prose flows invitingly drawing you into the scene. Having read and reread this story, I counted four erect cocks each time.
    More please!

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  3. Many thanks for your supportive feedback, guys. I enjoyed writing the story, and it’s good to hear from readers who enjoyed reading it.


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