9 comments on “A Caning For Ryan (F/M) NEW!

  1. A surprising and highly entertaining story by Baddlad17! Ryan was a very naughty lad who got his comeuppance! Watch out you guys!

    Extra thanks to Baddlad17 for givng us this hot story as an exclusive to The Canery.

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  2. Wow! I’ll admit that I’m not really a fan of F/M scenarios, but this was red-hot and I found myself swiftly absorbed in Ryan’s fantasies and ultimate comeuppance; and by the end it seemed that Ryan too was a convert to the cane wielded hard by a strict female!

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  3. Well written Baddlad – my kind of story! But I would have enjoyed more or a suitable follow up. Clearly Lorraine was keen to cane a bare male bottom and would have enjoyed making good use of his erect penis – and as Baddlad implied at the end, a virile Toy Boy could make a satisfactory change from being only occasionally bonked by a frequently absent Sugar Daddy!

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  4. A great story. I love being a naughty boy and being given a good caning. It gives my body a shock and I like to show to the person caning me that I can take as good as she can give. A good caning always gives me an erection which makes my partner cane me harder tilI I cum. Always feel much better afterwards and look forward to my next caning.

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  5. Just spent some enjoyable moments re-reading this story. As Barry’s dad had bought the cane a few months before, I can’t help but wonder whether Lorraine had been practicising her technique on him…

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