5 comments on “Shane Finally Gets A Tanning (M/M) NEW!

  1. Great story as young Shane finds himself sharply brought into line with the help of belt and cane to his bottom. Just the treatment an out-of-control young guy needs to show him the error of his ways and to make him into a better young man!
    Thanks, Baddlad!


  2. If Jean had returned, with company a second time early enough to see Shane freshly strapped and caned, then John would be busy for weeks. Great retribution to make any young man think twice before being reckless or ignorant. Well written, thanks


  3. A warming tale of a well-warmed tail to cheer us up. I do hope Shane was fully appreciative, and able to find opportunities to come back for more. Perhaps there are more tales to be told about Shane, or more tails for Uncle to cane.
    Thank you for that seasonal offering, and for the link to a maker of superb British canes that I can warmly recommend from personal experience.


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