6 comments on “The Cane Beneath The Bear (M/M) NEW!

  1. March was a difficult month for Team Canery, so let’s celebrate April with this hot and lengthy new story from Joelstrap! Special thanks to him for sharing this with our avid readers!


  2. You never fail to delight Joel. Loved this tale or is it tail? With all the humorous twists. Lucky Liam!!


  3. A really nice heart warming, butt warming springtime story. The gorgeous Chris leads the way right from the start, and after his curiosity is sparked we find he was never in control. He gets the wrong end of the stick, much to the eternal delight of all parties especially himself.
    My additional delight, to read this on April 1st!


  4. Yet aother delightful story from Joel such a pity they banned caning at school – it is something the youths of today don;t know what they are missing! Luckily I am old enough to have experienced and happily remamber bending over in my Headmaster’s study for six or sometimes twelve of the best. Despite the intense searing pain it is the strange and heady cocktail of anticipation, fear, excitement and sexual arousal that makes it so special, plus the cathartic effects of being caned whilst being dominated by another male. So the painful pleasure that caning gives me has left me with a lifelong longing to have my seat of learning regularly beaten!


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