7 comments on “My Aunt Canes Really Hard (F/M) NEW!

  1. I produced this as something different to get my writing mojo back. I hope you all like it. I have considered adapting it as a M/M story – My Uncle Canes Really Hard – but maybe that’s a daft idea? More new content – including M/M stories – to follow.


  2. Well Rod you have written another excellent FM story – well done! Not sure I want an MM follow up rather have his Aunt visit him in London with a cane for his father! And more naughty business…..

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    • Rod, I really enjoy your Fm stories. Thanks very much for your work and sharing them. I hope to see more in the future. I didn’t enjoy the M/m stories at all in the past but am starting to “come” around to them, especially that include sexual humiliation and severe corporal punishment. I would especially love any M/m stories that involved male chastity, pegging and CP as punishment for masturbation and sexual activity between students. Thank again, rick


      • Hello Rick! Thanks for commenting and I’m pleased to hear that you are enjoying the site. The M/M stories form the backbone of the site, with occasional F/M postings as a special treat now and then. If you look back you will even find some F/F and M/F content. Currently I am working on new M/M stories and an improved version of an old F/M story. Keep it canin’!

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  3. Brilliant, white-hot new story to get the year off to a cracking start. Even if caning by a female isn’t quite as exciting for me as caning by a male, this was still a thrilling tale of mingled curiosity, anxiety, desire and fulfilment; and all spiced with a strong helping of eroticism. None of my aunts was ever like that! Thanks, Rod, for a memorable story.

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