12 comments on “Not Suitable For Work (M/M) NEW!

  1. Wow! That was hot stuff; and I really enjoyed the young lad being talked into a 12-stroke bare-bottom caning. I liked the fact that he got an erection afterwards and had such fun re-living his experience in the bath later. Will he need some ‘maintenance’, just to ensure that his work and presentation are up to standard in future? I rather think he might!

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  2. Another well written story Rod but I would have liked it to go on longer – Mr Mirabor (which country did he come from?) clearly is very much into caning and probably would have seized the opportunity to cane Larry’s bare bottom before entering it!

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    • Hi Barry. Thanks for commenting. I would have liked the story to go on longer too, but it was quite a difficult one to write. I imagined Mirabor as coming from the furthest stretches of Eastern Europe. His proclivities are clear, aren’t they?


  3. Larry, young man, while I may not have perceived your lascivious thoughts about the Secretary, you cannot hurl profanities about my junior underwriter team. Time to meet the gym shoe, bare! Thanks Rod, a stirring tale.

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  4. Great story leaves lots to think about, looking forward to part 2, mind doing overtime wishing things like that may one day happen but possibly too old now

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  5. Thanks for all of the positive comments on this story. Readers will be delighted to hear that a brand spanking new Joelstrap story will appear here on The Canery tomorrow.


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