What’s it all about?


Many people use the rattan cane in their adult relationships.  Sometimes this is for domestic discipline.  Others use it to spice up their sex lives.  Some just like recreating experiences from long ago.


You will find fictional stories here which explore the themes outlined above.  All the characters are aged 18 or over.  If you enjoy a particular story, please leave a comment.  The stories and photos are copyright owned by Rod Cayenne unless stated otherwise.


The main author is Rod Cayenne, you may contact him via the e-mail listed on the CONTACT THE CANERY page.  The site also hosts stories by very special guest authors.




14 comments on “What’s it all about?

  1. Hello, I have just found you site and must say the stories are very good. I like adult caning stories. I wonder if anyone can write one about a reunion caning. For example university grad meeting his old professor years after he has graduated. Maybe I will write and send it in.


    • Hello Darren

      Thanks for your kind comment about the stories. I like the idea of the professor story – I’ll leave it to you for now, but if you are naughty and don’t produce something suitable, I may be forced to write a story on the theme myself!

      Bottoms up!



  2. Great latest story of estate agents..cannot wait for next one. Love the way you describe guys hairy bush. That is very manly and always turns me on along with a hairy chest and legs. Maybe a rugby story would be good as it is the six nations on at he moment. Or an office caning, when guy works late with boss then they go out for a drink and get onto the subject of caning and before you know it boss is caning the younger guy…a nice long harsh caning.


  3. Your best friend could be the rod
    When living all alone on your Tod.
    You get into the knack
    Of giving a good whack
    To your bum and stark naked bod.


    • As alternative one might find
      A Discipline Mistress online.
      She get you to strip
      And go about NIP
      Please, if you’d be so kind.


  4. Thank you for a marvelous collection of stories. As an “old boy” I personally felt the burn of the cane many times, including two canings in front of the assembled school. Difficult to salvage one’s dignity under those circumstances. I especially enjoyed the stories that included overt sexuality as a climactic termination. I must compliment you on your use of the “Queen’s English” in your writings. It is a welcome respite from the compendia of grammatical & spelling atrocities that are the hallmark of many sites. Thank you again Rod, & I look forward to more of your titillating tales. Cheers! Brian


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