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8 comments on “Contact The Canery

  1. Boring Sunday part two
    Oh Yes! Echoes of Closing Down Sale here and just what I like. But let’s hope that Dad turns out to be Step-Dad so that the side effects and after effects can be satisfactorily dealt with…


  2. I have just read and greatly enjoyed Taken at the flood. Shall look for more from this author!


  3. A great site for us who love spanking. It is wonderful having Joelstrap stories which are always rousing, and plenty more besides.

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  4. Hi Rod,
    Thank you for the hot stories. I loved the father-in-law caning story. I would love to see Sport caning eg rugby club caning and also office caning eg the boss has certain rules and penalies for the men working there, or a choice if firing or discipline.
    Take care

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