4 comments on “I Drink The Blood Of Sixteen Virgins (M/M)

  1. I am deeply disappointed in young Hughes. Not only is he uncharitable towards his headmaster in thought and speech but he is a vandal writing graffiti. Unable to control himself in the toilet he also intends to continue publishing that adolescent fantasy. He also seems to be wanting carnal relation with Julie. He needs another bare bottom caning from Headmaster of at least sixteen strokes until impurity is driven from him.


    • Thanks for posting your comment, sukemnsee. Clearly, Hughes is a thoroughly disobedient upper sixth former. Indeed, you are not the first person to suggest a further reckoning for the graffiti. The author is aware of this feedback, so perhaps there will be a follow-up.


  2. Hot story; but no sympathy for Hughes? I know he’s a bad boy, but that Head sounded like a real psychological torturer. Of course Hughes might really have liked it and deep down be hoping that he will get caught for the graffiti! I’ll look forward to the follow-up.


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